Baroque Castle Kunín

8 - 10 attendees

Czech and foreign photographers

Whole weekend - Friday to Sunday

Underwater World of Lucie Drlikova

Underwater world of Lucie Drlikova, 21. – 23. 4. 2017


The very first and unique workshop with Lucie Drlikova will be from 21. – 23. 4. 2017 in Kunin. Although Lucie lived for a several years in Miami by the ocean, most of her breathtaking images was created in the pool.

What you can get during workshop with Lucie? You can receive answers to all your questions about underwater photography. What uw equipment is worth to buy and invest into? Where to buy it? What depth of water is ideal for photo shoot? What suits looks best under water? How to arrange and underwater scene? How to do uw make-up? And many, many more….

Lucie will lead you throw necessary theory which you will have twice! Chance to practice in pool with as already experienced and as with unexperienced yet models. Because normally you will work with the second type… How to work and communicate with them in the water? How to do poses and show expressions under water? How to use lights as natural as flashes? Lucie will show you everything from her underwater kitchen!!

Recommended equipment: camera which can be used for underwater shooting. If you do not have any special case for uw, don´t warry, Lucie will lend you her own for testing during workshop.

You will also need your laptop, flashdrive, do not forget diving goggles pack, towel, bathrobe, flip flops, bath suit! The price is including standard items (ie. Accommodation, breakfast, lector) as well as renting a large swimming pool where we will be shooting.



Friday: 7 pm – 10 pm Introducing of Lucie´s work, introducing work of participants (yes, your photos on usb are higly welcome!)

Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm all about theory of underwater shooting, make-up, styling, equipment – what, where, how, why not… to use it.

4 pm – 6 pm shooting in the pool

7.30 pm – 10 pm Selection of your best shots, feedback, preparing for next day


Sunday: 9 am – 11 am – shooting in the pool – building underwater scene, work lights, background, uw story telling with models

12 – 14 pm Postproduction

15 the end


We will have coffeebreaks and time for late lunch/early dinner



Price 7900 Kc/330 EUR


Photoweekends FAF takes place in a baroque castle in Kunin, its sourrounded by natural gardens and magical nature.

In the case of a foreign trainer there will always attend the weekend translator.

Recommended equipment:

  • own DSRL
  • lenses suitable for portrait photography
  • laptop, USB flash drive
  • Models
  • Lectors care
  • MUAs and Hairdressers
  • Breakfast at the Chateau
  • Interpreter
  • Accommodation

International artist/lector

7900 Kč/ 330 EUR Kč
  • Models
  • Lectors care
  • MUAs and Hairdressers
  • Breakfast at the Chateau
  • Interpreter
  • Accommodation