Baroque Castle Kunín

8 - 10 attendees

Czech and foreign photographers

Whole weekend - Friday to Sunday

Nataly is one of pioneers of newborn photography in The Czech Republic,  we can say about her that she is  czech Annie Geddes, however with her own unique style and handwriting. She was among first photographers who used now so popular and widespread newborn props. It is not easy to use it with tenderness, feeling and […]

Lucie specializes in the art of underwater photography. She has won many international awards in underwater art photographs, which are among the world leaders. Lucie comes from Moravia, she has, however, long lived and worked in Miami, USA. Now is again based in The Czech Republic. Many world galleries are adorned with her works, she […]

Agnieszka Lorek comes from Poland, she currently lives and works in England. Her photographs win contests, decorate world galleries, and regularly appear on the pages of art magazines. She creates dreamy, ethereally fabulous scenery, colorful images in her photographs in which she reveals mystical worlds. She has her fans and admirers all around the world. […]

Irma’s photographs go against the mainstream. Although there are people smiling at us everywhere in advertisements, portraits of this photographer are full of nostalgia and make the viewer ponder. Her royal discipline is children’s portraits, which try to capture the true personality and uniqueness of each individual. She likes to play, experiment and use every […]

Karolína is a very creative photographer who can do magic with environment as well as with post-processing. Her photographs are full of shining colours, imagination and unusual worlds. Despite the seemingly complicated way of post-processing, her editing techniques are simple and easy to use. She does not hesitate to share every step and procedure that […]