Baroque Castle Kunín

8 - 10 attendees

Czech and foreign photographers

Whole weekend - Friday to Sunday


Barevný svět Karolíny Ryvolové, 29. 9. – 1. 10. 2017 Pro velký úspěch bude letos podruhé Karolína ve Foto Art Fabrice! Tentokrát bude barokní zámek v Kuníně vyzdoben fantastickými květinovými aranžemi v rámci každoročních oslav Růže pro paní hraběnku! O to větší kouzlo budou fotografie mít!!! Neznáte Karolínu Ryvolovou?  Patří mezi neoblíbenější fotografky – lektorky ve Foto […]


Underwater world of Lucie Drlikova, 21. – 23. 4. 2017   The very first and unique workshop with Lucie Drlikova will be from 21. – 23. 4. 2017 in Kunin. Although Lucie lived for a several years in Miami by the ocean, most of her breathtaking images was created in the pool. What you can […]

Karolína Ryvolová was at the Chateau Kunin for the third time. We made pictures on the late summer and autumn in colorful Chateau park and nerby locations, but also in the Kunin Chateau itself during time of flowers event – Roses for countess Walburga. Thanks to Karolina we did breathtaking photograpic images!!!  Don´t miss another workshop […]

  For the first time in the Czech Republic we had the opportunity to personally meet with Agnieszka Lorek – an art photographer who can create magical colourful images, full of a mysterious, almost fairy tale mood. Agnieszka cooperates with the best costume designers, and she likes to create her own photographs as a model. In […]

Irma prepared a workshop focused on children’s portrait for the spring of 2016. Children are a special photographic branch that requires an adequate portion of empathy, patience and playfulness. We were shooting children (and teens) in the range of about 3 to 15 years (plus or minus all ages, except for newborn and the smallest children, […]

Another Karolina´s workshop was in Spring 2016. There was full time creative work with colours, nature and beauty of models. Karlina can play with production and postproduction. Her photographs full of colours and fantastic elements made breathteaking images. Don´t miss her another workshop in Foto Art Fabrika!!!

Mysterious and alluring beauty is the main motive Elinleticia´s photos. Elinleticia is one of Sweden’s most popular  photographers in Italian Photo Vogue,. Her photographs are full of sensuality, mystery and the magical, that attracts her and that can convey the exceptional color in her work. She mainly uses natural light, but also a variety of […]